“Setting goals means: that a person has committed thought, emotion, and behavior towards attaining the goal.”

I owe everything to my upbringing, it fostered my imagination to dream big and create a sustainable way of seeking big picture objectives. Just like the definition of Goal setting suggests, in pursuit of my dream I have committed my thoughts, emotion and behaviours year after year for as long as I can remember to this journey. The joy of embracing all its ups, downs and evolutions. My time in the sport to date has accumulated 12 World Tour winning podium moments, climbing up the rankings ladders to #1 and representing Australia at the first Olympic Games for  Surfing in Tokyo but these alone are not the measure of success in my eyes… it’s the feeling I get paddling out everyday to go surfing and it’s this sense of peace and calm knowing I’m right where I’m meant to be and it makes me just want to smile and take a deep breath ready to simply ride waves. To still have this feeling after so many years I know that my heart and connection to surfing is still as strong as ever.

Who knows where my time in Jersey 89 leads, I suspect there are many twists and turns still to come. As long as I take care of my training and controllables, I can show up to any competition or challenge on the horizon with a smile on my face ready to give it my all and trust I can handle whatever is on the other side.

“Looking Back, Going Forward” is a glimpse into this journey… hope you enjoy it.

Sally x